Once you have determined that a valued patient of yours requires surgery you have many options to consider. In today's age you are not alone and have many resources available. You can attempt to perform the procedure yourself at your hospital or you can have a surgery specialist perform it. If you or your client prefer a surgery specialist, you can refer the patient away to a larger referral hospital or you can now have a surgery specialist come to you. Increasingly clients are becoming more demanding for specialty care for their pets, as they view their pets as family members, and thus are often seeking such services when available. After working in a variety of specialty hospitals in many different states, I have seen firsthand the expense clients must incur to have a surgery performed at a larger referral hospital. I have also seen patients who have had surgery performed by doctors that may have not had the best outcome because the doctor performed a procedure in which they have limited experience (usually because they are under pressure to save a pet’s life). My goal is to help you and your patients by being a part of the surgery team at your hospital so you don't have to perform risky procedures on your patients. By having me come to your hospital to perform surgical procedures your clients will no longer need to travel away and as well they will use your services rather than someone elses'. They will be able to stay with a team who already knows their pet and who has their best interest in mind. You will be able to offer the services you already provide in addition to advanced surgical procedures provided by a surgery specialist. You will be intimately involved throughout the surgical process and afterwards in the recovery period. In addition to performing surgical procedures I also encourage you to contact me if you wish to discuss patients who you deem might require a surgical procedure, whatever it may be. I would be happy to review patient files with you, including complimentary radiograph advice. In the event that a surgical emergency arises, I encourage you to contact me as I may be available to perform the procedure at your hospital.

Above all, my goal is to promote animal welfare. Included in the process is insuring the pet owner is fully informed about the surgical procedure their pet is recommended to undertake. I believe communication with clients is key to a successful outcome and I will always communicate with your clients about any surgical procedure I do for you. I will either meet them in person prior to the procedure or I will contact them by phone. I will explain the surgical procedure and if requested, discuss other surgery options as well. I will explain the risks and complications of anesthesia and the surgical procedure and I will explain the post-operative care period. Proper post-operative care is crucial to a successful outcome and I want to ensure your clients understand and comply for the sake of their pet’s well-being and their own happiness. Prior to surgery I will make sure all of their questions are answered and that they consent to the surgery without undue concern. After the surgery procedure is completed I will contact your client again to inform them of the findings and outcome, and to answer any further questions they may have. I will provide you with a procedure report, suggested discharge instructions and all other pertinent records for your patient’s file. I believe good record-keeping is important to ensure all staff in your hospital are knowledgeable of the patient’s procedure and can provide the client with correct information to insure a successful recovery. You will resume primary care in the post-operative period which includes the recheck examinations accordingly. Should there be any questions or concerns I urge you to contact me for a resolution. I want every patient to have a successful outcome and I am always happy to help in any way to make that happen. When all is said and done, I want to be part of your treatment team which leads to a happy client and a healthy pet. Thank you for your consideration and I am excited to work with you for the health of pets in Maine.